Makeup Brush Color Removal Sponge

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    Clean Makeup Brushes Easily/Swiftly Switch To Next Color/Remove Shadow Color from Makeup Brushes
  • EASY TO USE: This removal sponge will allow you to switch eyeshadow colors easily without water and drying time!
  • MINI SIZE: 8*8*3cm .it is easy to carry everywhere.
  • PORTABLE: Gently swipe the brush back and forth over the sponge a few times. The acticarbon scrubbing sponge will remove pigment from your eyeshadow brushes quickly and effectively.
  • CONVENIENCE: Brush gently up and down the sponge. Polyester scrubbing sponge can quickly and effectively remove pigments from eyelid brushes.
  • SIMPLE CLEANING:Two sides of the black sponge are usable. The sponge could be washed and reused, efficient and environmental. The sponge is very easy to clean, just run under water with a bit of soap and allow to dry. You only need to clean it about once a week.