2-in-1 Sonic Tooth Facial Brush

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About Our 2-in-1 Sonic Tooth Facial brush

Our brush gives you up to 45,000 strokes per minute —now that’s what we call brushing our teeth! We improve our brushing technique for healthier teeth and gums.
Whiten your teeth and cleanse your face with ONLY ONE device. SAVE YOUR MONEY!! You will certainly be reaping a return on your investment.

2 Minute Smart Reminder

2 minutes is cut into 4 time periods, one time period is 30s. When 30s is enough, the toothbrush will pause for a little while and remind you to change the brushing area to ensure a longer, more thorough teeth brushing experience.

4 Cleansing Modes

Clean mode: 32,000 strokes/min for basic cleansing
Milder mode: 31,000 strokes/min for sensitive teeth
Whitening mode: 32,000-45,000 strokes/min for whitening teeth
Mascare mode: 32,000 strokes/min for coffee or smoking stain teeth