Rose Foundation Makeup Brush Set - 3pcs Premium Cosmetic Brushes

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  • 🌹INNOVATION DESIGN - Whether the sameness of makeup brushes in the market make you feel boring, the same appearance, same color and same package? If so, the foundation makeup brush which incorporated enchanted rose elements may amaze and delight you. We innovatively made the makeup brush into the shape of a rose, so romantic cosmetic brush is not only a brush for makeup, but also a beautiful handicraft for appreciation
  • 🌹MULTIFUNCTION BRUSH - 3 different sizes of brushes are included. They can be variously used as foundation brush, blush brush, facial brush, concealer brush, face blender, cream shadow and so on. One brush can be used for multiple purposes, dry and wet are all appropriate. Soft brush for easy make-up and and leaves you natural, light and comfortable feeling
  • 🌹PRECIOUS GIFT - Everyone is fond of beautiful things. Moreover, it’s not only a makeup brush set that will help you more attractive, but the brushes itself has a charming appearance. Just buy one as a special day gift for your lover, Mom, sister, bestie or any other friends, and it will be superior to some gold, silver and jewelry
  • 🌹COMFORTABLE MATERIAL - The brushes are made of high quality synthetic fiber, they are so soft and supple, and always cover evenly. Except for the synthetic fiber, the whole rose styling are made of safety polished alloy, reasonable curve prevent slippery design, and super metal texture feel more comfortable. Red flowers and green leaves show natural and romantic sentiment
  • 🌹ELEGANT PACKAGING - As the saying goes: strong horse with strong saddle. We carefully prepared a fancy purple gift box for our unique rose makeup brush set, for further helping the brushes show its dignity and elegance

How to Use?

  • 🌹Large "1" - The biggest one can be used as a facial brush. Step1: Wet the brush fiber with a little water. Step2: Squeeze a right amount of cleanser or mud mask onto the brush. Step3: Apply onto face and spread evenly over your face.
  • 🌹Medium "2"- The medium size brush is suitable for use as foundation brush. Face cream, concealer, sunscreen are all can be used for.(Tip: A little moisturizing spray before use is more effective!)
  • 🌹Small "3" - The small brush can be used as blush brush, eyeshadow brush, sculpting brush and so on.